Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Student Life Prepares Us for the Future

Student life is one of the greatest moments in our lives that a lot of people take for granted. A lot of people see it as a means to an end, meaning, they're just there to get a diploma for them to get a good job. There's nothing wrong with this way of thinking; however, learning isn't confined to the classroom and a diploma doesn't necessarily translate into a successful life or career.

Living and Learning

As students, we are enrolled in an institution to learn what we need to survive on our own. We are expected to listen, understand and ask questions to ensure that we're actually learning something. This is the general idea of what a student should be doing, but student life isn't just about academics. In school, we learn to socialize, make friends, handle stressful situations and manage our time wisely. These are the tools we need to survive in the real world. The ups and downs we experience while we are in school mold us into the people we are today. We experience triumphs, which give us confidence and failures, which make us want to push harder in order to succeed. While being a straight-A student looks good in our transcripts and may give us a leg up over the others when looking for a job or trying to get into a good post graduate program; we should also remember that a lot of the most successful business leaders were average students. There's no doubt that these people are extraordinarily talented, which is why they are successful despite their academic standing, but one thing they all have in common is that they've learned a lot of things outside of the four walls of the classroom and they've been able to apply them to their respective careers.

The experiences we have in school, whether in or out of the classroom, contribute to the overall outcome of what we will be in the future. Students should not confine themselves to the four corners of the classroom. Instead, take each experience as an element to your success in the future.

Everything we learn in school prepares us for the rest of our lives and that includes things we learn from our peers and our selves. While we can never really know what life would be life after school, student life gives us a glimpse of what we can expect.


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